International Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics Modelling (IWMHM)

Welcome to the 2nd International Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics Modelling (IWMHM). IWMHM is an annual international forum to discuss basic and applied advances to Marine Hydrodynamics Modelling by either analytical, numerical or experimental approaches. The workshop emphasizes on in-depth and advanced discussions among the participants. The workshop consists plenary sessions and technical sessions with selected contributed talks. Every year, the workshop focuses on a specific area of Marine Hydrodynamics.

The IWMHM 2019 will be held in Harbin, China, from Monday May 20, 2019 to Friday May 24, 2019. The theme of IWMHM 2019 is Fluid-Structure Interaction. IWMHM 2019 is sponsored by Harbin Engineering University.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 2nd International Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics Modelling in Harbin, China.

Host unit

Harbin Engineering University College of Shipbuilding Engineering Harbin, China

2019 will be hosted by Harbin engineering university, school of Marine engineering, which is one of the major providers of Marine technology teaching and research. Its predecessor is the naval engineering department of the PLA military engineering college (kazakh military engineering), which was founded in 1953. At present, it has become an important base for scientific research and personnel training in China's shipbuilding industry, naval equipment and Marine development. In 2017, the discipline of ship and Marine engineering was selected as "double first-class" discipline, and was awarded A+ in the fourth round of national discipline assessment. Marine renewable energy, Marine engineering and emerging technologies.

Support Organization